Archaeologists discover ‘Lost Princess’



Archaeologists discover ‘Lost Princess’

On Sunday the 29th of September Channel 4 broadcast ‘Egypt’s Lost Pyramid’ featuring Dr. Chris Naunton. The programme follows the Egyptologist and a team of archaeologists as they attempt to open the burial chamber of a 4000-year-old pyramid in Dahshur’s royal necropolis, 20 miles south of Cairo, which had been discovered in 2017.

In the show, the excited archaeologists winch-lift a  10-ton block of granite that protects the burial chamber, but upon opening discover only shattered pieces of a sarcophagus, a box that once contained canopic jars, and a few bones. The experts are puzzled, and  the discovery that the tomb had likely already been pillaged raises many questions. Who did this pyramid belong to? How had looters  opened the burial chamber without modern tools or  without also leaving a trace?

Despite the disappointment in finding that  the tomb was not intact, the team found enough pieces in the chamber to solve the puzzle. Thanks to the names on the box, we learn that it had belonged to the daughter of Pharoah Ameny Qemau, whose ‘black pyramid’ is only a mile away. The fact that an entire pyramid was built for this princess implies that she was in line to the throne but may have died early.

Meanwhile, Egyptologist Dr Chris Naunton comes to the conclusion that the tomb may have been raided before the door was even sealed. He goes on to suggest that priests may have been involved explaining the motive that the princess was part of Egypt’s 13th dynasty, a troubling time in Egyptian history where periods of drought were prevalent and hunger and poverty  widespread.

To date, Tutankhamun’s tomb remains the only intact tomb to have survived..

Although there are no existing records of a princess related to king Ameny Qemau, experts manage to retrieve her name by examining the box once again through modern technology. They discover the name ‘Hatshepset’.

Thanks to the efforts of the experts, the lost princess Hatshepset has been reborn.

UK viewers can catch up here.

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