Exclusive Event Opportunities

This globally significant exhibition is available for exclusive hire in the evenings.


Enjoy sumptuous dinners and drinks receptions in one of the galleries on the 2nd floor before your guests are given an expert led private tour of the exhibition where they will gain an insight into Tutankhamun’s life, his death and the discovery of his tomb and its treasures.


We are also able to suggest guest speakers such as the present Earl of Carnarvon, great grandson of the 05th Earl, who was co excavator of the tomb with Howard Carter,  as well as forensic team building, where guests can look at evidence as they investigate the possible cause of death of the boy king some 3500 years ago.


For guests wanting to experience firsthand what it felt like to discover and excavate the tomb back in 1922, our VR installation is also available for private hire.


The two galleries can accommodate up to 400 for a drinks reception and 200 for dinner and are available on limited dates from 19.00 in the evening.


Please contact venues@gsp-uk.com or call 0208 968 9331


Children's Parties

Party like no one is watching and release your children into a realm of great history and excitement. Ancient Egypt will be replicated with a series of activities and games including human pyramid building, treasure hunts and tunnel tombstone racing.


A party isn’t a party without a disco… complete with glowsticks and glow paint.


Available for corporate bookings only, to reserve or for more information please email or T: 0207 924 4381